Rethinking Religion in India I: Are there native religions in India? (2008)

The first conference of the five-year conference cluster took place in New Delhi, in January 2008. During the first conference, we realised that the need and urgency to develop an alternative theoretical framework for the study of the Indian traditions is acknowledged by many scholars of religious studies. More than anything else, we felt an intellectual enthusiasm among the participating scholars and a willingness to engage in extensive discussions on this topic. Most participants felt part of a larger project that needs to be supported and extended beyond the confines of a conference.


Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap, Centre for The Study of Local Cultures (CSLC)



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Conference / Congres / Symposium | Collaborations of UGent Faculty | Building the Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities (ĀSHA) (Religious Studies | Comparative Science of Cultures)


Ms. Marianne Keppens
phone: +91 9535783652

Mon, January 21st 2008

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There were three types of sessions
1) round table session on ‘Colonialism and Religion in India’
2) Platform session on ‘Were there Native Religions in India’
3) Parallel sessions on the themes like “Colonialism and Religion in India’, ‘Caste System’ ‘if Indians are Aryans so what?”
The CSLC members presented papers in the parallel sessions. Scholars came from different countries like India UK, USA, Belgium, Japan, Portugal, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Italy, Spain, etc.


Indiragandhi National Centre for the Arts
New Delhi

Thu, January 24th 2008

Rethinking Religion I read more


Indiragandhi National Centre for the Arts
New Delhi

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