Visit to Pardubice (Czech Republic) by the research group of Ghent - June 2011

Visit by Prof Balgangadhara, Sarah Claerhout, Jakob De Roover and Nele De Gersem to the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic). During this visit several meetings with students and faculty members were organised.


Guiding PhD-students in Pardubice (by prof. Balagangadhara) Exchange of ideas, workshops and discussions.
Preparation of the conference 'Rethinking Religion in India III.



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Workshop / Seminar / Training | Stakeholders' activities | Meeting / Roundtable (Comparative Science of Cultures)

Mon, June 13th 2011

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Morning: welcome / Dicussion in the department
Afternoon: Seminar for doctoral students, by Prof Balagangadhara


Tue, June 14th 2011

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Meeting with the leadership of the faculty
Presentation on University Management


Wed, June 15th 2011

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10h: Invitation at the Town hall by the Mayor of the Pardubice city and her working group

- Visit of the Chateay, that will host the conference 'Rethinking Religion in India III'
- Meeting with the leaders of the students volunteer groups, who will support the organisation of RRI-III


Thu, June 16th 2011

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15h- 17h Presentation on Intercultural Management


Fri, June 17th 2011

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10h - 12h Workshop on Intercultural Management, discussions in small groups


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