Rethinking Religion in India II: Rethinking Secularism (2009)

The second conference, which took place from 10 till 13 January in New Delhi, proceeded from the questions raised in the first: If the theoretical framework of religious studies is inadequate in the Indian context, then how should we understand certain conflicts and problems in India that are generally linked to ‘religion’? The different sessions


Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap, Centre for The Study of Local Cultures (CSLC), India Platform UGent, Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities (ĀSHA)



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Conference / Congres / Symposium | Collaborations of UGent Faculty | Building the Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities (ĀSHA) (Political Sciences | Humanities)


Ms. Esther Bloch


Ms. Marianne Keppens
phone: +91 9535783652

Sat, January 10th 2009

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IDSA - Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis
1, Development Enclave, (near USI), Rao Tularam Marg, Delhi Cantonment
110 010 New Delhi

Sun, January 11th 2009

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Mon, January 12th 2009

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Tue, January 13th 2009

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