Workshop on The Cultural Difference in Understanding our Heritage in Sanskrit.

This workshop was organised on 17 May 2014 by the Viranjaneya Temple Organisation in Bangaramakki, Honnavaru, Karnataka, as a part of a National Sanskrit Teacher's meet for a week. There were around 500 Sanskrit teachers from Universities and colleges from within and outside of Karnataka.



type (discipline):

Workshop / Seminar / Training (Social Sciences | Humanities | Comparative Science of Cultures)

Sat, May 17th 2014

Workshop on “The Cultural Difference in Understanding our Heritage in Sanskrit.” read more

This workshop was planned as a part of educating the Sanskrit teachers about our theories on cultural difference and creating awareness about the misinterpretations of the Sanskrit literature. We also wanted to identify Sanskrit scholars who are interested in pursuing research in comparative science of cultures.The topic of the first workshop was Prof. Balagangadhara's research, and its implications on the field of religion, law and history. The topics of the second workshop were the Western concepts of political science, and the importance of Sanskrit literature in understanding the Indian concept of polity. The topic of the third session was the notion of Itihasa and its distortion in the modern period. The last session was a roundtable discussion involving the interested teachers about the future course of research in Sanskrit. The participants appreciated the new ideas and provided valuable feedback. Overall, this workshop succeeded in generating interest among the Sanskrit teachers about our research.



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