Pratyabhijnana Workshop Series - IV

The Pratyabhijnana series of workshops is where a body of researchers, drawn from different institutions and vocational backgrounds, meet periodically in different institutions. They engage in intense discussions and structured readings over two days.


Past (Itihasa-Purana) and History

This edition of the workshop will focus on the difference between past (Itihasa-Purana) and History (western modes of writing history). In this workshop, several invited scholars will engage in a structured reading and intensive discussion over two days. Dr. Balagangadhara’s text, ‘What do Indians need, A History or the Past?’, will be the central focus of discussion for this session.


SDME Society , Ujire



type (discipline):

Workshop / Seminar / Training (Comparative Science of Cultures)

Sat, October 17th 2015

8:00 till 18:00 Timetable for Workshop at SDMES, Ujire read more

Day 1- Western notion of History


Sun, October 18th 2015

8:00 till 18:00 Day -2 read more

Adhyatma and Itihasa


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