Project: Cold War Social Science and the Development of the Human Sciences in Europe and India (2015-2016)

In the period that followed the Second World War, the United States saw an unprecedented growth of the social sciences and humanities caused by a massive injection of government funding into the universities. The government had a specific goal in mind: to promote and support research that was of import to the American national interest and security. Scholars were expected to develop, illustrate, and promote Cold War ideology. The United States stood for ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and ‘justice’; the Soviet Union represented ‘tyranny’, ‘oppression’ and ‘the totalitarian state’; and the rest of the w


Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap (Ghent University, Belgium)


Europe, Asia

type (discipline):

Project (Political Sciences | Comparative Science of Cultures)


Dr. Jakob De Roover
phone: 0032 9 264 93 72


Ms. Sarika Rao

Thu, January 1st 2015

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