Lecture by Dr. De Roover on 'Liberalism, Secularism and the Cultural Migration of Ideas'

Lecture given by Jakob Deroover, in a workshop, organised by Centrum Pieter Gillis - University of Antwerp & UCSIA


The workshop aims at bringing the most important elements of these debates into the European context discussing the contemporary Indian discourse on secularization.


Centrum Pieter Gillis - University of Antwerp & UCSIA , IRNRD-International Research Network on Religion and Democracy


India Fund - UA



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Workshop / Seminar / Training | Lecture / Presentation / Debate (Social Sciences | Religious Studies | Humanities)


Dr. Jakob De Roover
phone: 0032 9 264 93 72

Tue, December 7th 2010

10:40 till 11:20 Liberalism, Secularism and the Cultural Migration of Ideas read more

10.40-11.20: Lecture Jakob De Roover
11.20-11.30: Respondent: Walter Van Herck

Context (by the organisers): The complexities of the pluralistic scenario that determines the present-day socio-cultural and political conditions of democratic societies trigger essential dilemmas for these political communities. One of the most important challenges these societies encounter is how to accommodate the specific attitudes and opinions of religious citizens within the liberal-secular framework of the democratic political system. India is the most populated democracy of the globe and Indian society is best characterized by its pulsating religious and cultural pluralism. The debates over secularization and the controversies following from the political role that religious driving forces play in this compound society are most intensive and bear important components that may be interesting for the evolving ‘postsecular’ scholarly discourse in Europe.


Universiteit Antwerpen
room: Hof van Liere - zaal B
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerpen

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