Zuidinitiatief: Close Reading Seminars and Research Workshops at Kuvempu University, India

The Research Centre intends to build a network of European, Indian, and Sri Lankan universities to further the study of cultural differences between Europe and South Asia. As such, it intends to increase the research and educational capacities of Kuvempu University, a rural university in Karnataka.

In August 2005 (until January 2006), a VLIR Zuidinitiatief started at Kuvempu University, set up by the Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap. Prof. Dr. S.N. Balagangadhara and Dr. Jakob De Roover train both Professors and Postgraduate students of the Department of Political Science and the Department of History & Archeology in the research programme Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap. Through seminars and workshops, they present a new theoretical framework to study the Indian culture and society. The professors involved at Kuvempu University are Prof. Sadanand Janekere and Prof. Rajaram Hegde.

Donor organisation: VLIR Flemish Inter-University Council.
Duration: 4 months.
Area of Co-operation: Research and education in the social sciences.

Caste, Community and Tradition in Karnataka, India

There has been a longstanding collaboration between Prof. Balagangadhara’s research group and Dr. Vivek Dhareshwar at the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society in Bangalore (CSCS).

An alliance with Kuvempu University in Karnataka started in 2002. Among others, this cooperation consists of various researchers who participate in a large-scale fieldwork to investigate the relationships between the various ‘castes’ and local communities in the villages of Karnataka. The preliminary results of this work have been presented at a conference on the Lingayat community in Heggodu, Karnataka, in January 2003.

Donor organisation: Fund for Scientific Research-Flanders, Belgium (2005-2007).

Duration of the co-operation: since 2002.

Area of co-operation: Social-scientific research on caste and community, fieldwork.

More Information on the fieldwork can be found here