VLIR-UOS “Own Initiative”

Development of the Centre for the Study of Local Cultures at Kuvempu University, Karnataka, India.

The project aims to reinvigorate social scientific research and education at a rural university located in a remote region of South India. At the moment, social science students and staff at Kuvempu University are prevented from developing research skills. The University fails to produce social scientific research on local cultural and social problems and is unable to address the problems of caste and pluralism in local society. The Centre for the Study of Local Cultures (CSLC) focuses, therefore, upon innovative research on local problems of caste/inequality and pluralism/conflict. It also establishes a feedback loop between the university and the local society in Karnataka, its self-government bodies, its policy makers and NGOs. Simultaneously, the Research Centre will initiate the KASSH Task Force, to work towards the development of the Karnataka Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities (KASSH). The KASSH will provide an umbrella for social sciences and humanities research in Karnataka and further intends to develop an autonomous research agenda.

Donor Organisation: VLIR-UOS (Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad – University Development Cooperation)
Start of the project: November 2007
Project Duration: 4 years

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