Between ignorance and deception: Satish Deshpande's idea of reservations Is the problem then that most Indians are not Christians, Muslims or Jews?

Clearly, advocates of the caste-based reservation system are worried by the recent upheavals in Gujarat and beyond. In his "The Patidar idea of reservations" (The Hindu, September 5), Delhi University sociologist Satish Deshpande attempts to ridicule the Patidars' demand for OBC status while expressing his support for the reservation system. In this piece, I do not wish to defend or attack any particular movement, such as that of the Patidars or the Gujjars, but merely draw attention to one simple point: Deshpande attempts to defend ignorance and immorality by drawing on arguments that exhibit the same properties. --- read more via link or download the article--- Keywords: Caste Reservation, Caste system, Satish Deshpande

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