Cultural training for TomTom Ghent ( 27-02-2013 )
De Roover Jakob, De Gersem Nele, S.N. Balagangadhara (Presenter)

Management & comparative science of cultures ( 12-08-2011 )
De Roover Jakob, De Gersem Nele (Presenter)

Protocol in India ( 13-03-2010 )
De Roover Jakob, De Gersem Nele (Presenter)The International School of Protocol, Brussels, Belgium

Secular Law and the Realm of Idolatry ( 30-04-2009 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Buffalo, USA

The Instability of ‘Construction’: In What Sense is Religion a Construct? ( 19-04-2009 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Ottawa, Canada

Gandhi and Secularism ( 29-03-2009 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Chicago, USA

Are We Religious Animals? Evolutionary Biology and the Universality of Religion ( 17-03-2009 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Ottawa, Canada

On Jawaharlal Nehru and M.K. Gandhi ( 19-01-2009 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Shimoga, India

Colonial Secularism and the Codification of Hindu Law ( 01-11-2008 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Chicago, USA

Desperately Seeking Manu: Protestant Christianity and the Creation of Hindu Law ( 08-09-2008 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Brno, Czech Republic

Why Rethinking Religion in India? ( 15-08-2008 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)London, UK

Europe and India ( 19-04-2008 )
De Roover Jakob, S.N. Balagangadhara (Presenter)Antwerp, Belgium

Hoe omgaan met leerlingen uit andere culturen? ( 14-04-2008 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)

On the Genealogy of Colonial Stereotypes ( 28-03-2008 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Leicester, UK

Animal Religiosum? Human Evolution and the Universality of Religion ( 23-01-2008 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)New Delhi, India

Why Study the Western Culture to Transmit the Indian Traditions? ( 09-12-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Hindu Temple Cultural Hall, Morrisville, North Carolina, USA

John Locke, Christian Liberty, and the Predicament of Liberal Toleration ( 30-11-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)USA

Conversion of the World: Proselytization in India and the Universalization of Christianity ( 18-11-2007 )
De Roover Jakob, Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)San Diego, USA

The Dark Hour of Secularism: Liberal Toleration and Hindu Fundamentalism in Colonial India ( 15-11-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)USA

How Secular is Secularization? On the Christian Constraints of Western Political Thought? ( 08-11-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Buffalo, USA

Colonial Toleration and the Transformation of the Indian Traditions ( 03-08-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Indian American Communities: How can Hindu Americans Define Themselves ( 05-05-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Woodlands Temple Community, Houston, Texas, USA

Towards a Positive Portrayal of the Hindu Traditions? ( 04-05-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Meenakshi Temple, Houston, Texas, USA

The Dark Hour of Secularism: Colonial Liberalism and Hindu Fundamentalism ( 27-04-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Los Angeles, USA

India: Challenge or Opportunity? The Experience from Politics, Business, NGOs and the Media ( 22-01-2007 )
Claerhout Sarah, De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How Did Toleration Become a Moral Value in Seventeenth-Century England? ( 21-07-2006 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Aberdeen, UK

Divine Providence With Us! Confessionalization and the Cultural History of Inclusion ( 08-07-2006 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Lancaster, UK

India and the Inexperience of the Secular ( 28-06-2006 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Leiden, the Netherlands

Hindoo Tyranny and Its Liberty ( 20-04-2006 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)London, UK

The Clash over Conversion in Contemporary India ( 18-12-2005 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)New Delhi, India

What is wrong with Communalism? ( 18-12-2005 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)New Delhi, India

Toleration and Pluralism, East and West, Past and Present ( 08-12-2005 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Department of History and Archeology, Kuvempu University

Three Dogmas of Secularism ( 03-12-2005 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Department of Political Science, Bangalore University, India

Liberal Secularism in the West and India ( 01-12-2005 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Bangalore, India

Christianity, Toleration and the History of Western Political Thought ( 25-11-2005 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Bangalore, India

Religious Tolerance: The History of a Christian Idea? ( 09-09-2004 )
De Roover Jakob (Author)Santander, Spain