Conversion, Religion, and the Protestant Reformation ( 15-09-2009 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Sicily, Italy

Liberal Secularism, Hindu Fundamentalism and the Freedom of Religion Acts in India ( 01-11-2008 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Chicago, USA

A Doubtful Match: Freedom of Religion and Anti-Conversion Legislation in India ( 09-09-2008 )
Claerhout Sarah (Author)Brno, Czech Republic

Gendering Samskara ( 02-02-2008 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Shimoga, India

Hinduism, Caste and the Steps of Christian Conversion ( 23-01-2008 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Delhi, India

Conversion of the World: Proselytization in India and the Universalization of Christianity ( 18-11-2007 )
De Roover Jakob, Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)San Diego, USA

The Paradox of Colonial Education in India: Secular Education or Religious Instruction? ( 24-09-2007 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Bremen, Germany

The Colonial Project in India: Creating the Conditions of Conversion ( 03-08-2007 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Question of Conversion in India ( 20-04-2007 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Stockholm, Sweden

India in the Eyes of Europe: About the Construction Hypothesis and its Flaws ( 29-03-2007 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Cambridge, UK

India: Challenge or Opportunity? The Experience from Politics, Business, NGOs and the Media ( 22-01-2007 )
Claerhout Sarah, De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conversion: At the Intersection of the Religious History of Europe and the Indian Traditions ( 21-09-2006 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Bucharest, Romania

Conversion: Fixing the Frontiers of Christianity? ( 08-07-2006 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Lancaster, UK

The Paradox of Religious Violence ( 20-09-2005 )
Claerhout Sarah (Presenter)Antwerp, Belgium