Introduction to Dharma and Ethics Introduction 1/4 ( 22-01-2011 )

On Jawaharlal Nehru and M.K. Gandhi ( 19-01-2009 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Shimoga, India

On Ambedkar, Gandhi and the just Society ( 18-01-2009 )
S.N. Balagangadhara (Presenter)Shimoga, India

Wearing the Hijab in Irish Schools ( 22-06-2008 )
De Roover Jakob (Author), Ireland RTE Radio (Interviewer)

How to Reflect on Our Own Experience: Colonial Consciousness and the Indian American Community ( 09-03-2008 )
S.N. Balagangadhara (Presenter)Hindu Temple at the Woodlands, Houston, Texas, USA

Towards a Positive Portrayal of the Hindu Traditions? ( 04-05-2007 )
De Roover Jakob (Presenter)Meenakshi Temple, Houston, Texas, USA